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Revisiting the past…

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With Guild Wars 2 in a bit of a content lull, Naia and I have started back up in Guild Wars (1), running Prophecies and Eye of the North; Naia even has Nightfall and Factions, which I plan to get soon.

What’s really amazing is seeing how much GW2 references back to GW1. Naia is way farther along and can talk about a whole lot more of the similarities, call backs, and references, but even I’ve seen a lot that tie the two games together.

If anybody is interested in joining us some time as we run around the Tyria of old, we’d love to have you along. Whether you want to refresh your memory or see the connections for the first time, it’s amazing to see how Tyria of today and Tyria of yesteryear come together to form a truly continuous world.


Member and Roster Lists

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ZeroAtma reporting for duty!

I’m working on updating the Member list and the Roster of members’ Heroes. The latter could get super long! I’d be happy to take submissions of your character screenshots, descriptions, etc. to make pages for you and/or your heroes. I have to update my own member page too!

Hawke and Paladin have great Member pages to get you started if you’re not sure what to write. Check out their Roster and individual Heroes pages too.

I’ve reordered the lists too, a mix of seniority and activity; while Naia and I are currently the most active, I left Hawke and Paladin at the top as they are our founders.

If you’d like to send me content for your various pages and don’t know my email, find me in the game or mail me in the game and I’ll give you my email address.

2015 update (and hopefully more to come!)

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We are on the horizon of expansion, with Heart of Thorns due out this year. New profession, new specializations allowing deeper character customizations, a new area to explore, and more. In welcoming Maggie and Lee (need to get you two callsigns!) to our guild, I am hoping for more active play! Dungeons, fractals, living world “expansions”, I feel like there’s so much of the game I haven’t even touched! Henry, Jared, dust off your characters – we’ve got a guild!

Send any pics/builds of characters for your personal pages over to me, MLHawke, or ZeroAtma and we can update for you!


The latest and the greatest of Guild Wars 2

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Whether you’ve taken a break from Guild Wars 2, moved on to new adventures, or just haven’t read up on the news in Tyria, it’s possible you’ve missed some great new features. Here’s a run down:

Wallet: All you currencies are now stored in an account wallet, making it easier to use currencies between all your characters. Coins, karma, Badges of Honor (WvW), dungeon tokens, and Fractal Relics (Fractals of the Mist) are now shared between all characters

Meta Event Bonus Chests: Selected large scale events such as dragon fights provide not on huge “event chests” filled with treasure, but a bonus chest that is guaranteed to contain a rare or exotic treasure. The event chests appear once per day per character, while the bonus chest can be obtained once per day per account. Cash in! 
To see a full list of the meta events that give bonus and event chests, check out the new improved Event Timer at
This timer uses an API from ArenaNet to keep track of the actual event progress and status from the game for each server (with a few second delay). (Also note: The Megadestroyer in Mount Maelstrom is the one meta event that does not give a bonus chest)

Champion Treasures: Champions now drop chests containing additional gear, small amounts of liquid karma, and a chance at a rare weapon skin. If a champion is the boss of a meta event (e.g. Champion Svanir at the end of Frozen Maw in Wayfarer Foothills), this appears in addition to event and bonus chests!

New dungeon rewards system: Explorable dungeon paths now guarantee 1, 2, or 3 gold depending on the length and difficulty of the path (as evaluated by ArenaNet). Story mode gives a guaranteed 50 silver. Additionally, bosses are champion or legendary foes, so they should give additional treasure (to be confirmed).

Living Story: The Living Story is a progressive storyline going on throughout the world of Tyria, going beyond the personal story to introduce new content on a regular basis. Every two weeks, new content is introduced, replete with new activities, achievements, and treasures.

That’s what comes to mind right now! The game is changing every two weeks now with new content, meaning there’s always something new to check out!

Shining on…

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Hi from your new pseudo-Guild Leader! I know not many people in the guild are active, but please send some sort of shout-out here or by email if you see this and are still playing. I’d like to update the roster with at least some basic info (name, profession, level, crafting disciplines, etc)

I’d also like to make/update a character gallery, so screenies of your characters would be welcome

For now, here’s a screeny of my necromancer and Naia’s necromancer, planning death-y stuff in Lion’s Arch


Something big this way comes!

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Martin Kerstein, Head of Global Community for Guild Wars 2, has posted a message on the GW2 forums at about 6pm on 11/5/12:

Something is stirring in the Sea of Sorrows – and we want to make sure that you are not missing out, so here is a schedule (without spoilers) for you, so you can plan ahead:

  • On Friday November 16th at noon PST (20:00 GMT) the weekend will kick off with an Event in Lion’s Arch that you don’t want to miss. This will trigger events in other parts of Tyria as well.
    *On Saturday November 17th at noon PST (20:00 GMT), another phase will kick in.
    Each phase is triggered by a special event, but you will be able to enjoy additional content afterwards even if you cannot make the kick-off time. There is one exception:

The event will culminate in a big Finale on Sunday November 18, make sure you will not miss it. This will be a onetime only event chain that will run multiple hours, and it will kick off at noon PST (20:00 GMT). Again, this will only run once, so make sure you will be there! There will be plenty of content available to enjoy that will remain permanently in the world as a result of the outcome of this event on Sunday.

We will give you more details once we get closer to the event, but wanted to give you an early heads up so you can plan accordingly.

What are your thoughts on this? I know some members of the guild have been feeling a little burned out already, so would this pique your interest at all?